by Audio Landscapes

High Resolution Gotham Landscape

As mentioned in the previous post, here are two full-resolution crops from the full stitched panorama below. The nine frames together total more than 18,000×5500 pixels which implies high quality printing at 20×6 inches.  Note the wavy appearance of the Empire State Building is likely due to the heat rising from the streets and building itself.  A 200mm lens was employed because it was the tightest crop that included sky and water sufficient for what I was looking for. Using a lens to fit the same distance covered in a single shot would yield buildings too small to reveal detail. The Empire State Building would not be recognizable. If you only have a point-and-shoot with a small tripod, try zooming in and taking several shots of a large apartment building and stitch them in post. Most camera software now includes stitching plugins if you do not own photoshop or other third-party software. Manual settings or aperture priority is recommended for a constant aperture between frames.  Try it.