Addis to Omo – Road Trip #2

by Audio Landscapes

Christmas presents were opened early today because we’ll likely be in a tent, somewhere in the Omo Valley on the 25th. Idea was to hoard the wrapping for kindling.  Unlike the newly-paved-and-already-under-repair roads of northern Amhara, the main throughoufares of the southeast are improved earth, so we’ll just drive until the scene warrants a photo or get out and throw the frisbee to unwind.  The objective is to experience all of Ethiopia in two years and reaffirm (or swear) that Addis is as challenging as the Addisians (or is it Ababians) say it is.

After throwing everything to the living room floor, I figure that if I could just ditch the photo accouterments for a single G11, we could do Omo in a Pinto.  By the way, I have a lightly used G11 for sale.  The G12 is out.  Like the 60’s motif?  Nice.

I’m power hungry.  And what you don’t see here are the extra AAs, AAAs, power converters, surge protectors, line conditioners, cables, adapters… Canon is not a sponsor.  They’re just responsible for my indebtedness.  Ella will need to work a sulfur mine for her higher education.

Tent endured the move and has all the parts.  Ella even found a pair of Ji’s socks from the last humid outing in Venezuela.  That was almost four years ago.  We’ll see how the mesh holds up against the Amopheles.  I’m told that at sundown, they take off in Stukas.  So for the next six weeks, that’ll be Mefloquine in the macchiato on Tuesdays.

Ella had me going for a bit.  Only lost a head and torso.

Stay tuned for daily image updates from the hood.