Day Three – Huge Color With Kids On Stilts And A Guy With An AK

by Audio Landscapes

Today’s drive was fairly easy, considering it was only five hours and much of the road between Arba Minch and Jinka is paved or being paved.

Here, the ladies shoulder everything (no photos of them, but the men are usually not far behind, strolling along empty-handed).  Good place to open up a chiropractic office.

These grain storage huts are built above the ground and sometimes surrounded by briers to ward off vermin (and who knows what else out here).  Reminded me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

We stopped in Key Afar, home to at least part of the Hammer tribe. This was probably the first time we really felt true Africa.  Touristy, yes.  But the most of the Hammer go about their business until presented with an opportune sale or photograph.  The going rate for pictures was around two Birr, so I was happy to contribute.  The key in these places is to always negotiate first.  Had I heeded the guidebook, I wouldn’t have spent an extra ten minutes with this guy in the green shirt to get my reflector back.  He held it while I made the image, then folded it up and stuck it under his shoulder and his grin grew twice its size.  After some patient waiting and bargaining, I got it back for five Birr.  By this time, there were about 30 Hammer standing around and laughing, but it all ended in some approving hoots and backslapping (my back).  Lesson learned.

It’s after nine and I’m beat, so enjoy the rest of these images, most of which were taken on the side of the road.  Some are touristy for sure, but I like them.

And now I have my own token image of an African tribesman with an AK.

Tomorrow, Mago National Park on Christmas Eve.  We hope to leave early enough this time to catch more wildlife and, later on, more portraits.  Hope you are enjoying the trip and that some of you will make your own adventure soon – come and visit!

Cheers from Jinka,