Day Five – Countless Hours Off Road And Images Along The Way

by Audio Landscapes

Acacia Trees Silhouette Against Rolling Hills Near Weita

Soon after leaving Jinka, cel and internet service dropped off.  South Omo is under a lot of development – cel towers are up but not functioning yet, crews are widening and grading roads and sizable NGO projects are underway.  The impact on Omo peoples and culture is uncertain at this point.

A boy appears from nowhere and darts towards the car.

Almost eighty percent of this leg was off-road, so the following images attempt to capture the remoteness, open sky and randomly appearing hazards along the way.  I post-processed almost all of these in Lab Color mode (Photoshop) to bring out the blues and red clay earth tones.  In camera, contrast was at its lowest setting to compensate for strong midday shadows.

Livestock, people, baboons rocks and holes to avoid, on road or off.

A failed attempt to find a bull jumping ceremony.

Brief thundershowers fortell the start of the rainy season in South Omo.

After making a turn from Weita to Jinka, we came across expansive cotton fields.  It was hot as hell (no need for a temperature – just go with it).

A worker climbs harvested cotton for a photo op.

Considering the circumstances, we got festive.

Next post will feature portraits of Hamer people, night sky in Murelle and the Omo River.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and thanks for following us around South Omo.