What Do Ethiopia, Washington DC and Manhattan Have In Common? The Top Five Images of Two Thousand Ten

by Audio Landscapes

Since the new year holiday, I’ve poured over several catalogs of images and realized I didn’t even have a camera for almost the first half of the year!  Choosing from more than four thousand images is tough.  When you go through this process, it makes you realize the daunting challenges photo editors face.  Ultimately, some good shots will be left out.  And having said that, there’s some kind of cathartic relief in just getting it done (many thanks to Ji for helping me decide!).  So, while some of you who follow the blog and my Flickr galleries might disagree with these final five, that’s the way the cards fall.  Hope you enjoy the selection and I encourage you to edit your own images at the end of the year or following a long shooting session.  You’ll learn a lot along the way!

Plaid Empire

Mursi Tribesman of Mago National Park, Ethiopia

An Ethiopian Hamer Woman Sells Snuff and Chewing Tobacco At A Dimeka Market

Peak Cherry Blossoms On A Brisk District Morning

A Papyrus Reed Boat Floats Schoolchildren Across Lake Tana