What’s To Like About A Business Card? Moo Cards.

by Audio Landscapes

Today, I received a first set of business cards from Moo.com, a UK company with a fantastic product.  The name itself has nothing to do with business, photography or much in between, but once you see and check out their stuff in-hand, it stands out.  The online ordering is simple and you can make cards from several different online photo sites like Flickr or upload images from your hard drive.  The card stock is heavy and the contact information on the reverse can be custom designed, though choice of fonts is somewhat limited.  That said, what choices Moo offers are good.  My cards arrived a shade dark but you wouldn’t know the difference unless they are compared with the monitor.  The color fidelity is very good and the cards have a hefty, wax-like feel.  Overall, I am pleased and these look cool propped up on a desk or just lying around somewhere.  Makes you want to pick them up and check them out again.

I’m expecting to receive a few large-format test prints, hopefully any day now, which I’ll review here as well.  Then website launch!  Hope you’ll enjoy it.