A Photograph Isn’t. Until It’s A Print.

by Audio Landscapes

I received some prints from Bay Photo a few days ago and am very pleased with the results!  More than quality alone, taking them out of the packaging was like pulling a photograph out of the developer – something tangible that you can grab.  There’s a forthcoming edition of Photo District News, titled Long Live Print.  I couldn’t agree more.  The immediacy of digital is great but there’s nothing like holding a (quality) print in the hand or seeing it up on a wall.  Forget the monitor and get some of your best shots enlarged and put them up on the walls.  What I didn’t expect was that the largest format photos you see above were not the photos I most anticipated when I placed the order.  Turns out, Ji and I both really liked the one of the Empire State Building.  The Big Apple icon feels at home when framed 20 by 30.

If you decide to print, consider hundreds or thousands of images vs limited wall space.  By printing on a sturdy board, be it foam, plastic or aluminum, you can purchase cheap z-mounts that stay on the wall but allow different photos to slide on and off.  Get tired of one, replace it with another.  No need to fork out hundreds in expensive frames (many are foregoing glass anyway) every time you want to switch things up.

Though I’ve linked to Bay Photo because my first experience was very good, I don’t endorse them (and I don’t get benefits if you do use that company).  There are many high-quality print shops.  Bay just happens to be one of the largest, most marketed outfits on the West Coast.  Try out some local printers.  And if you don’t get the results you expected, don’t dump the company just yet – ask the technicians for the best formats and resolutions for each print size.

I hope you try enlarging some of your favorite images.  Let me know your experiences and if you have issues, drop me a line and we’ll figure things out.

Long Live Print!