Birds In The Backyard – Photography Right From Your Own Balcony

by Audio Landscapes

It’s pretty cool to stand outside of the dining room balcony and see a bright, blue-headed flycatcher or Yellow-Billed Kite nesting less than a dozen meters away.  For this reason, I keep the 200mm close at hand in the afternoons.  As you can see from the top frame, the flycatcher is very small.  Autofocus is worthless to get the focus right.  While I am fortunate to live in a place that has some amazing wildlife nearby, there’s a lot to see and photograph right out of your window.  Keep the camera where you can grab it (not zipped up in your photo bag, in a closet) and pre-set everything to where you more or less need it (key is increase the ISO and/or shutter speed to freeze fast-moving wildlife).  Good luck!