Japan’s Gift To The US – Cherry Blossoms and Snow

by Audio Landscapes

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I made these images with the camera on a tripod, just above a ground lamp to light the snowflake trails.  In post, the light streaks were too faint to be interesting, so I cranked up the “fill light” slider all the way to the right.  There was only so much readjustment of the blacks back to the left before the snowflakes disappeared again, so the result is that happy medium.  As with all night or slow-shutter photography, use a cable release and mirror lockup to prevent vibration and blur from 1/4 – 2 seconds.  Because I didn’t move the camera for several frames, I decided to present four of them using a slideshow.  We’re fortunate to have such a great, living display of spring every year, thanks to the Japanese.  In light of the recent earthquake there, Remember Japan.

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