Zoom Effect Photography – Two Split-Toned Images Of The Four Mile Run Trail

by Audio Landscapes

These were taken while walking a southern section of the Four Mile Run Trail that winds through Barcroft Park in Arlington, Virginia.  The photographic technique is simple but usually requires a few tries to achieve a result that works for you.  I used a fairly slow shutter speed (but not too slow so as to render the image a complete blur).  Exposure was 1/30 @ f13, ISO 320. While walking (you don’t have to be moving), I tripped the shutter for ten frames and during the course of exposure, quickly rotated the zoom from 35 to 17mm.  The result is the center of the image remains sharp and the widening of the zoom blurs everything else, imparting a sense of motion.  I used a blue-yellow split-tone for both of these photos.

© 2011 John Andrew Downey II Photography.  All Rights Reserved.