Patowmack Canal In Monochrome – A Slice of History

by Audio Landscapes

The following information was sourced from the National Park Service website.

The Patowmack canal was constructed with locks to bypass the Great Falls of the Potomac. Roaring over the rocks, the river drops nearly 80 feet in less than a mile.

Construction begun in 1785 and took seventeen years to complete; six years longer than the time required to locate, build, and begin occupying a new federal city, Washington, D.C., ten miles down river.  High construction costs, particularly at the Great Falls section, and insufficient revenues bankrupted the company. Extremes of high and low water restricted use of the canal to only a month or two each year.  In 1930 Congress authorized this place of human history and natural beauty as a park.

I shot this photo as an HDR, converted the result in post to monochrome and added a slight warm tone to the image.

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