Impending Storm – Minimalist Photography in the Gulf of Tadjoura

by Audio Landscapes

I made these two images late afternoon/early evening, yesterday while walking the breakwater in front of the Kempinski hotel in Djibouti.  Having only a G11 (it’s enough), no spare battery (shame on me) and no tripod (that’s what the ground or my knee are for), I thought I’d focus on some minimalist work.  Recently, Craig Corl and I talked about minimalism and there’s absolutely a benefit to shooting simple still-life photography that can aid in simplifying elements in other types of images.  I like these two in particular because there are not more than three complimentary elements.  Last night, rain, thunder and massive lightning riddled Djibouti for more than five hours straight, a welcome rarity in this part of the World.  When I checked these out again this morning in Lightroom, they seemed to impart an even greater eeriness following the storm.

© John Andrew Downey II Photography.  All Rights Reserved.