Cobalt Morning In Afar – Quiet Photography

by Audio Landscapes

Early morning is one of my favorite times of the day.  And not just for photography.  It’s the quietest, coolest stretch of our 24 hours, the mind is clear, and it’s just a good, slow start before the sun assaults the desert.  I took this handheld shot of some trees along the Awash River just before six am.  Inadvertently, I left the white balance set to incandescent from the night before and it fortunately imparted a deep cobalt blue that really enhanced the sky, also mirrored in the Awash River.

Later today, I’ll post a series of images that will show the process of refining a subject in the viewfinder, or at least the one that works well for me.  Enjoy your (early) Sunday morning!

© 2011 John Andrew Downey II Photography.  All Rights Reserved.