So Much To Photograph In 2 1/2 Days – Rock Churches, Mountain Panoramas And A Few Wonderful Kids In Lalibela

by Audio Landscapes

Last Thursday, I took a long-needed break from work and flew north to Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage Center of famous rock-hewn Orthodox Christian churches.  This was the second time visiting the historical landmark, located in the Amhara Highlands of Ethiopia (previous posts of the first trip can be viewed here).  Despite torrential rain, cement-like mud and white-out fog, Lalibela again failed to disappoint.  The next series of posts will feature the churches, street photography, night images, Lalibela downpours, a visit to the House of Mary orphanage (above) for some goodwill work, and a six-hour slog to glimpse Ashetan Mariyam at 3098 meters.

Photography in inclement weather is a miserable and happy experience at the same time.  This morning I flew home in havaianas and damp, muddy clothes.  Hot shower and a cup of coffee never felt so good.