Street Photography – A Lot Of Playing, Paying and Praying In Lalibela

by Audio Landscapes

I am addicted to weaving into the daily pulse of another culture.  There’s always a lot going on.  Ironically, the more you get to know the locals, even within a couple days, the less they harangue.

Every chance encounter, the kids always want you to play.  It would be tough to hustle a foozball or ping-pong table, so the requests always seem genuine. But I resisted and probably should have played a game or two.

Once I began photographing, their interest in the farengi faded.  This was good fun, watching rules get compromised, friends bicker, practical jokes end with good effect.  Residents are souls who exude the here and now.  The camera draws me in to these ignored corners, for without it, I’d probably just head for a beer at the hotel (there’s always time for that eventually).

Being genuine is the best policy.  When insisting on a photograph, shake hands and thank everyone for their time. The experience will always stick with you for a while.