Great Hike, Interesting Day For Photography – Asheton Mariyam Rock Church

by Audio Landscapes

After hours of uploading these, I decided to cut a lot of commentary.  Hopefully, these images will walk you through six hours of hiking from Lalibela to Asheton Mariyam rock church; this one sits atop a precipice at 3100m. Passers by usually allowed me to photograph.  Along the way, I removed a bug from someone’s eye, happened on some unlikely guides, Malek and Fikru, shouldering painful loads below, and witnessed some amazingly green mountain fields.   

Mud like glue.

Tin roofing and grain.

Stopping at this tree and waterfall, a sudden rant from who knows how many children erupted from the hills.  “Hellohellohellohello…!!!”  “Moneymoneymoneymoney!!!! Moooooneeeeeeey!”  I never saw anyone against the steep hill and rocks.  After a few minutes, I started laughing.  Jokingly, Malek and Fikru joined in.

Seconds after I took this, a large rock fell and embedded itself next to me.  Dirt followed and filled my hood before I could tuck in close to the side of the mountain.

Baptismal pool.

High priest at Asheton Mariyam with the bronze cross of King Lalibela.