Camp At 3500m – A Cold And Starry Night For Photography In The Bale Mountains

by Audio Landscapes

Angafo is a fantastic site to camp in the Bale Mountains.  Photographic opportunities are endless and the image doesn’t even begin to do this place justice.  Of all the places we’ve visited in Ethiopia, this was one of the most special and if you’re considering a trip to Africa, the Bale Mountains are high on our list of recommendations.  Three Brothers peaks are just right of center.

This image was made at 0130 and the temperature had dropped to the upper 30s.  I was after a long time-exposure but it was too cold to wait a few hours. Lighting was provided by a half moon (no light or air pollution) and flashlight.  I found a Shurefire not only incredibly bright but has a very neutral color temperature.  Color balance was corrected in Lightroom.  More photos to follow from over 1,000 frames.

Canon 5DmkII, 17-35L lens @22mm, 30sec@ f5.6, ISO 2000.  Camera set on tripod, 10sec timer.