Best Photography of 2011

by Audio Landscapes

It feels like yesterday that I was doing this for 2010.  2011 was less than a blur but a great year for photography, some experimentation and a lot of learning. The past year, I ventured outside on several short trips, concentrating on environmental portraits and micro storytelling.  Deleted a lot to keep catalogs clean.  Employed better organization.  Became more critical and selective of images to post on this blog.  Out of thousands of frames, I came up with these five.  I was enlisted to photograph for an NGO for the first time, the International Red Cross (2nd from top), to promote sports prosthetics.  First wedding shoot (and maybe last, but never say never).

All of the images are from Ethiopia, an amazing place of stark contrasts and amazing people.  I hope you enjoy these images and make 2012 a year for your own photographic adventures.

Happy 2012,