A First Exhibit and…I’m Published! (almost)

by Audio Landscapes

My day profession has kept me more than busy the past couple of months and though there hasn’t been much time for new images or adventure, it’s been a banner month for my personal work.  First, I was invited to exhibit at the German Development Cooperation Office in Addis Ababa, along with two esteemed Ethiopian artists, 26 April to 25 May.  Weeks after this news, I was contacted by German publisher, Ms. Beate Wedekind, for the launch of a new magazine focusing on Ethiopian development, arts and culture – 365 One World.  The draft features quality images and thought-provoking articles on the positive side of Ethiopia and not the “We Are The World” of the Eighties.  Ms. Wedekind kindly took to some of my photography and, personally, we hit it off.  Details to follow but this is obviously an exciting time for me and my wife; without whom I wouldn’t have come this far.  For those who are regular followers of the blog and enjoy photography, here are some tips – even with a full-time day job, it’s not too late to follow your passion.

1) Dream big but start small.  Fancy equipment does not for a good photograph make (but it’s exciting when you pull it out of the box).  Learn everything there is to know about what you have in your hands, right now.  Read the manual. Again.

2) Find your style.  Take bzoo (many) shots.  Evaluate each one.

3) Learn voraciously.  Read, discuss, compare and learn from mistakes (the best teacher).  Re-read #2.

4) Be yourself and be kind.  Nothing spreads the word better than “the you”, regardless of your massive web presence or number of sales.

5) Enjoy photography for what it is.  It’s YOUR story.

Best of Luck with YOUR photography.  Good things will happen.