If You’re Waiting For Adobe To Fix Its Lightroom 4 Map Module, Wait No Longer

by Audio Landscapes

For those having issues with the Map Module in Lightroom 4, Adobe has all but ignored a lot of complaints. Fortunately, I discovered Adobe uses Flash code to show the Google map.  And Apple and Flash don’t play together well so after some searching, I came across this fix. While this is for OS X users, it might also work for Windows OS but since I’ve been PC-free for almost four years now, I can’t be certain.

Go to Users/(Username)/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player. Get Info on the Flash Player folder and you’ll notice you don’t have permissions to Read/Write.  Allow for permissions and then go down to the bottom of the window and find the settings pull down menu (looks like a cog) and “Apply to Enclosed Items.”  Restart Lightroom and you should now be able to see the map.

I noticed other workarounds including extremes like reformatting the hard drive to allow for case-insensitive naming conventions.  For god’s sake, man, Don’t Do It!

So if I, a non-programmer/coder/barely-passed-the-tenth-grade-student can figure this out, why hasn’t Adobe come up with a solution and responded to so many complaints?

Hope this helps.

– John