Icefall. Scott’s Run Nature Reserve.

by Audio Landscapes

Continued from yesterday, another image from Scott’s Run. I enjoyed working the detail out of the highlights of this and the previous image. To increase detail in snow or high key scenes, it’s best to shoot low contrast in-camera and then use software to adjust tones. Camera sensors (good ones at that) can capture 9-10 stops of light at the lowest ISO setting and this range shrinks as ISO increases. If your camera has contrast adjustment, lowering it can add wiggle-room to adjust later. Workflows differ, but I start by tweaking luminance values of individual colors in Lightroom, avoiding over-cooking and introducing noise by viewing 1:1 preview. Then I reduce highlights until only the smallest are blown out, increase whites, decrease shadows and increase blacks. For me, this increases apparent sharpness via mid-tone contrast, saving sharpening for last, which introduces noise if over-applied. Final adjustments include saturation and vibrance, working both sliders in opposite directions (more saturation/less vibrance and vice-versa).