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Dave and his ’74 Landcruiser

Dave and his 74 LandcruiserDave is an active 85-year-old.  His Lancruiser is a little less than half that.  On this chilly Spring afternoon, Dave was hoping to coax a golf buddy out to the course but no such luck.



New Site, New Blog On The Way

South Africa


DC is shut down today so I’m in the man cave with a cup of joe to write what may be the penultimate post on WordPress.  It’s not that the service is bad but I wanted to design a new photography website and integrated blog.  Last year, at Photo Plus Expo in New York, I found a new domain and site provider that looked promising and decided to re-package my work.  Almost done.  The toughest thing will be letting this blog go.  Almost 40,000 people have stopped by to look and a few of you decided to follow regularly.  Thanks!  I hope you’ll give the new site a go, though following won’t be as easy as a single click on wordpress (you’ll need to use an RSS feed unless I figure out a quicker method).

The new site will bring added drive to make fresh images and maybe more writing.  We’ve traveled extensively over the past few years so now it’s time to conjure ideas for more local work.  Besides, I enjoy visiting the dentist far more than air travel.

Thanks again for supporting my work and this blog.  It’s been a lot of fun!